Every day in Lyngby, Søhuset and Hørsholm, we serve delicious complete meals. Sign up for the lunch orders, so all you have to do is to show and enjoy a delicious lunch with your colleagues.


Opening hours
Monday-Thursday 11.30-13.30 │ Friday 11.30-13.00

Contact the staff restaurant in Lyngby


Opening hours
Monday-Friday 11.30-13.00

Contact the restaurant at Søhuset Konferencecenter


Opening hours
Breakfast: Monday-Friday 8.00-9.00
Lunch: Monday-Friday 11.30-13.00

Contact the canteen at Agern Allé 24

Take away

The canteen is offering take away. You pay 40 kr,- for one box which can be filled with food from the buffet from 13.15. You can pay at the cash registry.