All services at Scion DTU


At Scion DTU Lyngby and Agern Allé 24 in Hørsholm, there are receptions, where staff takes care of everything from guest reception and answering telephones to distributing mail and packages.


Every day in Lyngby, Søhuset and Hørsholm, we serve delicious complete meals.
Sign up for the lunch orders, so you only have to show up to enjoy a delicious lunch with your colleagues.

Meeting rooms

At Scion DTU you have access to modern meeting rooms. In Lyngby and Hørsholm (Agern Allé 24), you can book meeting rooms in different sizes and in Søhuset, there are three meeting rooms available for use.

Ricco’s Coffee Shop

Enjoy a cup of fresh brewed coffee at Ricco’s Coffee Shop at Scion DTU Lyngby. Here you can have informal meetings or take a short break.

You can also find great knowledge and inspiration at Reolen.


In the science park we organize professional events that we call Open Inspiration™. This is built up around a professional presentation and workshop where you will go in depth with the new knowledge in relation to your business.

Innovation and networking

As a business at Scion DTU, we offer an innovation process tailored specifically to your business.
Contact our innovation department for more information, call 4586 4100 or read more about innovation at Scion DTU.

Networking Breakfast

Once a month, Scion DTU invites all the businesses at the science park to a Networking Breakfast with a brief presentation of a professional kind, as well as the opportunity to meet all the businesses in the science park.

See the dates for the Networking Breakfast.

Access to rebate agreements

Scion DTU has a collaboration with LogBuy, whereby they deliver advantageous rebate agreements to businesses at Scion DTU and their employees. It does not cost the business anything to be a member of the purchase agreement; Scion DTU pays the membership fee.

High-speed internet

As a tenant in the science park, you have access to high-speed internet.

In addition, in all of Scion DTU’s common areas, you and your guests have free access to Wi-Fi.

Postal, print and copy

In the science park, you have access to both postal, print and copy room.

Walk & talk

The most beautiful scenery surrounds Scion DTU Hørsholm. Take the opportunity to get a little fresh air during your meeting at Søhuset with a walk & talk. It provides renewed energy and clears your thoughts to go for a walk in nature.

Map of the meeting trails.

Sports day

Every year Scion DTU is the host of a sports day for all employees at the science park.
The sports day is an arrangement where smocks and suits for one day are exchanged for running shoes and sports clothes.

Fitness center

Søhuset Motionscenter on three floors, including a running club in the science park, ensures that it will become an adventure to work out together. Great atmosphere and competent guidance are most important here. More information on sø or 8870 8879.


You can prevent injuries and alleviate tension and headaches by pampering yourself with a massage or physiotherapy treatments.
Take advantage of this – it is very close by. You will find the treatment room in Hørsholm at Søhuset Motionscenter – Venlighedsvej 10.

Technical service

Service technicians at Scion DTU ensure your technical installations and systems, and provide service when you need it.

Guest house

Scion DTU offer a guest house to all businesses with an address at Scion DTU. The guest house has four rooms with a common kitchen, bathroom and toilet facilities. There is wireless internet in the house and a common tv in the kitchen.
The rooms are available for rent on a weekly basis from Monday to Sunday and can be booked through Scion DTU’s reception at Tel: 8870 8828.


The kindergarten Skovstjernen is a collaboration between the science park Scion DTU and Birkerød Municipality. Scion DTU has rented out the land to the Municipality in exchange for the ability to dispose over 10 places at Skovstjernen for children of employees. If you are interested in visiting Skovstjernen, you are welcome to contact the manager of the kindergarten Susanne Larsen at or at tel. 4554 2450. The office assigning day-care in Rudersdal Municipality deals with the enrolment system for Skovstjernen and can be contacted at tel. 4611 1450.

Gardening services

Scion DTU’S talented gardeners ensure all the green surroundings are nursed and well cared for all year round. In the winter, they ensure the snow is cleared from the roads and parking spaces.


See parking overview over Scion DTU Lyngby.

Running Trails

At Scion DTU Hørsholm and Lyngby, you will find running trails, giving you the opportunity to go for a run in the scenic surroundings.

Meeting trails at the science park Scion DTU.
The science route at Scion DTU, Hørsholm.

The running trail at Scion DTU, Lyngby.