Open Space for rent

Scion DTU is now offering an Open Space agreement to companies who need a professional setting, but don’t need an office every day at Scion DTU.

With an Open Space agreement at Scion DTU, you get:

Growth in your business

  • Get free advice from our twelve Scion DTU consultants
  • Reach your business potential through tailored growth programmes, customised for your specific company
  • Maximise your knowledge through collaboration with DTU
  • Inhouse technical sparring to develop your hardware product and access to Scion DTU’s prototype workshop, both for a reasonable fee
  • Get advice from our experienced mentor team to become a better manager

Access to Scion DTU’s networking environment

  • Expand your network and at the same time gain new knowledge and inspiration through professional arrangements and selected Master Classes
  • Become part of Scion DTU’s networking environment and participate in social arrangements, the monthly networking breakfast, the annual Christmas party and Sports Day

Professional setting

  • Come across as credible and professional with a company address at Scion DTU
  • Gain visibility via Scion DTU’s website
  • Get access to Open-Space facilities with free Wi-Fi in the shared areas, including the meeting rooms and Ricco’s coffee bar
  • Get access to Scion DTU’s modern and presentable meeting rooms that all have screens and projectors and the option to serve refreshments
  • Invite your guests to lunch in the staff restaurant and for coffee at Ricco’s coffee bar


Six months’ minimum contract period and then one month’s notice
Price: DKK 1,700.- per month

Download the Open Space agreement (PDF)