Mentor Teams

We know that lack of knowledge and experience often hinders development in new businesses.
Scion DTU’s mentoring provides your business with the needed support in relation to business development that is vital for growth.

Networks and professional relationships

The basis for Scion DTU’s mentor program is that the great ideas that lay the foundation for development and progress are created through the collaboration with a network and professional relationships. Good relationships do not occur spontaneously, which is why it is better never to leave this kind of development to chance.

Scion DTU’s mentor program is therefore designed to create and nurture profitable relationships between you, as the owner of the growth business, and related professionals and business experts. The program focuses all discussion and competency development strategically on your business goals as a highly technical entrepreneur. This environment creates the best conditions for growth in your business.

Mentor teams ensure optimal knowledge sharing

What is quite unique about Scion DTU’s mentor program is that interested start-up businesses are closely attached to a team of mentors.
We work with mentor teams, as a team of mentors offers an unusually high concentration of knowledge and a vastness of different perspectives that can act as a catalyst for the development of a business. Each mentor team matches the business according to their specific growth challenges. Mentor teams can therefore, among other things, cover other technical, commercial, legal, and financial expertise.

Moreover, mentors in the mentor program participate in special mentor network meetings where knowledge sharing is done in between. Mentors use this method to test their mentor practice internally and pull on other experienced mentors’ knowledge and ideas – for the benefit of your business.

What do the companies have to say about the mentor course at Scion DTU?

JJ X-Ray is an exciting case for Scion DTU, as it is an engineer-owned high technological company, which has been on the market for many years and has had typical SMV challenges in relation to developing the business as well as the organisation.

What do the mentors have to say about working with the company through the Scion DTU mentor program?

“Some start-ups introduce technologies that counter-work the existing market and disrupt business-models for the well-established big players. Therefore, some big players have an interest in new technologies taking a long time in being introduced. This is something to reflect upon in one’s go-to-market strategy, where it often is a good idea to enter into partnerships with some of the smaller players. These are hungry and have a wish to beat the big players!” Says Niels Retbøll, Director of Sales at CLEVER.

”One is truly inspired by all the energy to be found in start-ups. There has to be more than 24 hours in their day. I am able to bring this energy over into the larger organisation in which I am located. Of course, we will take on the American marked in a year. On the other hand, I am able to help them become a little more realistic in regards to their approach to the market. Their energy has to develop into something and not just be burned off just because it is fun to run fast”. – Dorte Thulstrup, Regulatory Affairs Manager at Philips Healthcare.