DTU collaborations

Scion DTU is a private limited company owned by DTU and, as such, it has a natural closeness to the university. Through specific collaborative projects, it is possible for us to link up your business with relevant researchers and students. We also have a network of less formal connections to individual institutions that we are happy to put at your disposal based on your need. Through a working relationship with DTU, your business will gain new knowledge and professional feedback on your product development, which in turn can create new market related possibilities.

The Danish Business Authority’s analyses of growth entrepreneurs show a clear correlation between scholarly content in a start-up and the likelihood of becoming an entrepreneur.
For you, as an entrepreneur, there are direct advantages in Scion Entrepreneuring’s collaboration with DTU.

We also have a good relationship with DTU’s active student environment. At DTU’s Lyngby Campus, we are located directly next door to Skylab, DTU’s student entrepreneur offices.
Scion Innovation is to an increasing extent building strong links between student projects and Scion DTU’s businesses to the benefit of both parties.

Smart Innovation

Smart Innovation is Scion DTU’s project for the effective exchange of knowledge with product development in small and mid-size businesses (SME’s) in “Region Hovedstaden”. Through Smart Innovation, your business develops a high technology prototype in close collaboration with the researchers at DTU.