Participants 2016


Bifrost Communication

Bandwith demand is increasing exponentially, but the cost for supplying data at higher speed is a bottleneck for society. Bifrost paves the way towards multiple optical channels in fiber-to-the-home systems.



Reachi is an information management system for disaster prone areas developed by LinkAiders. Reachi is designed to optimize relief response and ensure that the right aid reaches the right areas – in time!


SaniNudge is the world’s only intelligent hygiene system that permanently improves the hygiene culture in hospitals.


Senserna is introducing the world’s first temperature sensor for microwave ovens. The sensors are powered by the microwave energy inside the oven.


Shade had developed a light source based on LED. The colour, intensity and direction of light can be controlled, and the light source communicates in a network.

Shape Robotics

Shape Robotics offers Fable a modular robotic system that makes it easy, fun and educational for anybody to build their own robots.

Other participants


NanoCuvette: a new type of ’single use disposable’ cuvette for photospectroscopy, making it possible to analyse colourless chemical processes, such as changes in sugar-, protein- or salt concentration.

Flow Loop

Flow-Loop is a modular “plug&play” circulation shower that can easily be installed in the corner of almost any existing shower space, without needing a new drain or shower tray installed.

Global Lighting Standard

Global Lighting Standard has developed the first mobile and efficient method of measuring light quality and light distribution from street lamps.

Inspirit Denmark ApS

Inspirit Denmark has launched BREATHOX®, the world’s first and only salt particle inhalator. Available from pharmacies, BREATHOX® helps coughing and respiratory tract irritation.


A unified platform for measuring movement and activity signals. Primarily used for gait- and movement analysis in connection with research and product development.

MedHub IVS

MedHub is developing a personal patient-centric communication hub that operates by aggregating data from wearables on the patient and transmitting these securely to a central monitoring unit.


Odeon is developing an ultra compact wireless cylinder shaped sound source for acoustic measurements.


The ODity device automatically and non-invasively measures the growth of bacterial cells


Patented mechanical IV bag drainer device: a small, reusable box that empties an IV bag during IV treatment, without using gravity.


Sarita is a company that develops and markets intelligent sensor solutions that automatically alarm caretakers, and/or family if a senior person under their care has fallen, wanders away, or just needs help.

Scan Unic

Scan Unic’s solution is a new type of desinfecting device. The user sticks their hands into a chamber, where they are sprinkled with ozone saturated water via a standardized procedure.


The technology enables real-time analysis and monitoring of chemical reactions by establishing direct connection between analyser and test environment without need for extra hardware.

Strax IVS

Straxfix® is a new casting material for the treatment of bone fractures. It is ready for use and the material stays soft and pliable until curing; the material is cured with 30 seconds of light exposure from the Strax lamp.

Urban Water

Urban Waters product is a backwater valve that can be installed into an inspection chamber in under 10 minutes and can easily be dismounted again. The system is driven by the pressure of the water and the water level.