Meet the businesses in Danish Tech Challenge 2015

Here you will find information about the businesses, which are, or have been, a part of the Danish Tech Challenge. Hidden behind every name are new and exciting products and ambitious and talented entrepreneurs.

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The winner of Danish Tech Challenge 2015


The increasing amout of heart patients adds to the pressure of hospitals worldwide to diagnose faster, better and cheaper. MedTrace is developing an automatic “water circuit”, which produces radioactive water and automatically injects it into the patient on the PET scanner.

Finalists in Danish Tech Challenge 2015


Fridolin Okkels (CTO) has, through its research at DTU, invented and patented, a new technology, RheoStream™, which makes it possible to monitor the flow characteristics in industrial processes online in real time.

Intelligent Marking

The project involves the drawing of the world’s first fully automated marking robot for the use on all fixed track installations, where line markings are necessary. The concept is built around a new utilisation of the GPS technology.


For roughly unjured trauma patients from e.g. trafic accidents, the patient receives blood/fluid in order not to bleed to death. If the patient becomes cold the risc of death increases. It is an extra risc to provide unheated blood because it adds to the cooling of the body. MEQU has developed a portable fluid heater to warm up blood/fluid for traumapatients.


Pallets that cannot be stacked are the cause of very poor utilisation of space within the transport and logistics industry. Spaceinvaders’ solution is a flexible and mobile pallet rack, which makes it possible to stack the low-loaded pallets in several layers, both at the storage terminal, on the forklift and the transport truck.


Spiio Leaf is a type of digital finger gardeners always have sitting in the plant’s soil. It measures light intensity, temperature, soil and humidity around the clock, so the gardener may follow his plants online and only needs to physically be present at the plants when necessary.

Other participants


The goal of the project is to develop a new technology, which changes sludge from being a waste to becoming a helpful resource. By help from steam drying and pyrolysis the energy of the sludge is recovered and the rest will consist of biokoks and thermal energy.


Copac is building a compact breath analysis device based on novel sensor technology. The device, based on monitoring of biomarkers in exhaled breath gas, is an attractive alternative to metres based on blood measurements.


Explicit has developed 2 airborne solutions for inspection of sea vessels’ smoke plumes: Self-guided ‘sniffer drones’ and a measuring box for simple monitoring on a helicopter. The technology is modular and can be used for other types of mapping of gasses, particles and other air parameters.


Farrowtech ApS is developing an automatic monitoring system, which gives the farmer the possibility for intensive surveillance of farrowing sows in a very cost effective manner.


GlycoSpot’s high-throughput enzyme activity screening kits specifically address a well-recognized technology gap, and their products represent a game changer for discovery, commercial exploitation and quality control of enzymes.

MASH Biotech

The MASH bio-reactor technology enables us to reduce the dry waste output from waste water treatment plants significantly, resulting in significant cost savings. At the same time, we extract valuable resources in the form of bio char, which is a high-quality fertiliser rich on phosphorous.


Neurescue is developing a new class of medical devices for the treatment of cardiac arrest. Neurescue aims to be the foundation of a new platform of treatment methods for paramedics, nurses and doctors alike. The new treatment will greatly improve the current rates of resuscitation and thereby the outcome of cardiac arrest.


Foot ulcers are one particular complication of diabetes and one of the most costly. SIREN is developing a temperature sensing smart sock which will provide early warning alerts and reduce the risk of foot ulceration in diabetics.

SHUTE Sensing Solution

SHUTE will develop a novel optical fiber sensor system for offshore fish farms. The system will enable real time monitoring, documentation of equipment damages, a breakage warning functionality and operators to plan and reduce the cost of equipment maintenance.


PlastiSens provides a novel patented sensor technology to detect antibiotic residues in milk. The device provides a qualitative result of the test in less than one minute and will cover a wide range of different antibiotics.


The business has developed a new joining technology for power cables. The solution is more flexible, robust and timesaving compared to existing solutions, while the electrical resistance in the joins is minimised.

SENS Innovation

SENS Innovation has developed a thin and flexible electronic sensor, which can be pasted on the skin, like a plaster, and measure physical daily activity around the clock without interfering.


SafetyTherm wants to develop a smoke detector with a sensor that recognises people even if they are stationary under, for example, duvets. The system must give the dispatcher a clear signal about which room still contains individuals and thus where the rescue should be prioritised.


VasDeBlock is a medical device that blocks the sperm head. It is set up and can be removed by an endoscopic procedure. The device contains neither hormones nor spermicidal chemicals.

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