Participants 2017

Rosenby Engineering

The HydroPen is a water hydraulic device designed for a simple and easy attachment on a burning container and is connected to the water pressure from a ship’s existing fire extinguishing system. The HydroPen drills a hole in the container after which it automatically will start the fire extinguishing.
The device is simple to use, increase the security and releases resources in a crisis situation.



Aerofit’s solution enables respiratory muscular training by combining a device with adjustable air intake using a flow measurement.
The built-in sensors and Bluetooth for communication make specific and effective training possible via an app including gamification, competitions etc.


The solution is decreasing the price of CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) plants where expensive parabolic mirrors are substituted with concentrated foil with a tracking solution.
The primary component is a panel, which functions as a large burning lens. The effect is achieved when light from the sun hits the foil, which encompasses thousands of microstructures on a ‘receiver’ where the temperature is well above 1500°C. A fluid flows through the receiver. When the solution is applied to district heating the fluid is water that can be heated to 95°C. If the solution shall deliver higher temperatures the water is replaced with oil that can be heated to 400°C.


The PeeFence urinal is a flexible and lightweight urinal designed to accommodate event organizers’ need for highly scalable and cost efficient sanitation at outdoor events.

The product is a single sheet of flexible plastic membrane which is folded on-site to establish a trough wherein the urine can flow. This is mounted onto chain-link fence by means of four plastic strips and a drain pipe is plugged onto the trough whereby the urine is channeled to a septic tank, sewer or nearby shrubbery.


The solution consists of a flexible 3D camera system based on structured light technology which together with advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) based real-time processing can easily be reconfigured to recognize objects and their condition on a conveyor belt. The solution is made in stainless steel which is a first for 3D camera systems and enables applications in a variety of food monitoring tasks.



SiOx solution is a micrometer thin surface coating that prevents unwanted fouling on surfaces. The coating can be produced with a thickness down to 100 nm and is especially suitable for heat exchangers. The coating is silica-based and thus non-toxic.

Other participants

Absolute Zero

Absolute Zero offers software-defined high-end 360 cameras that are customizable and have a simple workflow. Our 360 degree cameras record video in 8K (28Mpx) at 60 fps and photos in 9K (40Mpx). The rendering (video stitching) is done in the cloud and thus enables scalable processing and storing of data.


Plants are natural air purifiers due to the microbiological processes attached to plant growth, and which absorb and convert these adverse substances into nutrition for the plants. Thus, plants reduce the amount of adverse substances in the surrounding environment. If the plants grow in a specially designed pot, the air-purifying effect will significantly increase.
The development of the solution is based on NASA research that looked into improvement of the indoor climate in space.
Besides improving the efficiency of the natural processes, the Airplant also contributes to the aesthetic indoor climate with green plants, which at the same time visualise a green and sustainable profile.


Aqubiq creates a smart water sensor to help people save water through increased awareness and more qualified information about the consumption.
The sensor can tell how much water the different components in the building actually use, and warn in case of leakages. The goal is to help the user save 15% water.
The solution consists of three elements: A sensor in the buiding, machine learning software algorithms in the cloud, and an app on the user’s smart device.

Bacalert IVS

The bacterial sensor BSD is an in-situ bacterial sensor, which on the spot and in real time can alert about the existence of pathogenic bacteria after which necessary measures to contain the infection can be initiated.
The basic elements of the bacterial sensor are: Air tester, particle counter unit and bacterial typing, bacterial elimination chamber, filter and control unit.


The core of the solution from Fishent is a nanofiber sensor technology that can record differences in fish smells far too subtle for the human nose to notice. Fishent uses machine learning algorithms to analyse the sensor data and output a quality label which can then be used as a basis for price negotiations.
The Fishent tester (prototype) consists of a steel container sized such that the standard fish boxes can be put inside. The sensor technology takes a measurement, sends the data to a server where it is analyzed and a quality statement will be printed out. There will be an artificial airflow installed to clean the tester of smell after every measurement.

IPM – Intelligent Pollutant Monitoring

IPM develops an online mini lab that can be used on fields, in groundwater and at waterworks. The product will regularly be able to monitor pesticide and nitrate concentrations in high resolution – and read off the sensors directly on mobile phones or computers.
The core of the product is hardware that can measure both contamination and transmit data. This will enable immediate action if the water quality is deteriorating due to pesticides or nitrate. The pricing provides great savings compared to the current solutions.

Nordic Firefly

Nordic Firefly has developed a technology that enables for light to be set up without the need for a connection to a power supply.
The solution is a plug-and-play electronic device consisting of a combined solar cell-powered charger for charging the battery as well as controlling and supplying the LED light source in the lamp.
The conversion takes place almost without any loss of energy even in situations with weak daylight or shadows.

Nordic Healthcare Technology Aps

The solution is to make single use insulin pens more smart with an attachment device that supports the compliance of guidelines for rotation.
The device secures this through automatic registration of injection place, injection time and injection amount that form the basis for guiding the user to a correct injection place. Furthermore, all the data can be connected to other registrations such as blood sugar measurement and syringe replacement to additionally improve the treatment.


SensorA develops a solution that delivers real time information to the user in an integrated hardware-/software solution that reduces costs and provides a better and more professional service to the customer in terms of

  • Reduction in time consumption
  • Reduction in waste of resources

And thereby increased quality of the service provided by the pest industry.



The Sentar bot will make office employees more active which is the most effective way to prevent back and neck pain.
Height adjustable desks are widespread but relatively unused articles in the office. Therefore, we need to change the user behaviour.
The Sentar bot is placed at the user’s desk where it registers the presence of the user and the height of the desk. Based on these data the Sentar bot will alert the user when it is time to change from a sitting/standing to a standing/sitting working position.


QTranSA’s solution is TOR, a state-of-the-art Raman spectrometer which is smaller, better and cheaper compared to competing Raman devices. TOR includes patented microfluidic disc-based surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) module. The module enables fast and controlled sample processing and increased sensitivity.


Smooth Robotics

Smooth Robotics’ solution is a patented sensor attached to a robotic arm that automatically corrects the trajectory before welding. The robot has joysticks that are used to control the robotic arm when capturing the trajectory including equipment that convert joystick movements into robotic motions. The sensor is replaced with a welding torch, and the robot is ready to weld the assigned trajectories.


SUNTHERM’s system is a ‘black-box’ solution with a phase shift thermal layer that allows for displacement between heat production and consumption with very high efficiency.


TychoBio’s solution is to produce valuable plant substances in a CO2-neutral and easy way. We are currently developing an effective and sustainable production platform made of plant substances in the shape of moss. Through clever design of the natural metabolism of the moss we can convert the moss into producing valuable plant substances. With the help of advanced biotechnology, upscaling of photobioreactors, and through the development of an inexpensive and effective extraction method we will be able to produce a wide variety of valuable plant substances.