Frequently Asked Questions

For whom is Danish Tech Challenge?

Hardware start-ups: Newly established businesses involved in the development of physical products. The team behind the business must have decided to focus 100% on developing their idea into a viable business and they must see great value in being an active part of a community of hardware entrepreneurs.

What are the criteria for joining?

See the section “Criteria”.

What are the criteria for winning?

See the section “Criteria”.

What are the costs?

No costs/shares, but some time. Although we do everything within our power to keep administration to a minimum, participation in Danish Tech Challenge does require a small time commitment to the programme.

Do the selected businesses benefit financially?


Where is it located?

In Scion DTU’s buildings at DTU’s campus in Lyngby.

Is attendance required every day?

Businesses have to be represented on the premises every day. In order to take advantage of the programme, it is crucial to be an active part of the daily environment. Therefore, we attach great importance to physical presence. One can easily have a couple of people who only attend occasionally but the business’ management is expected to be represented every day during the programme.

We have offices elsewhere, is that okay?

Yes, but while Danish Tech Challenge is running, we expect you to shift your activities to our premises in Lyngby.

Must all employees in the business be in Lyngby?

The company’s founders must. We work with the company’s foundation and this work only makes sense if the management and founders participate.

Are the meetings mandatory?

We expect that you participate in the 4 weekly blocks. See “Content”.

How do you define hardware?

Anything that is not purely digital or service. We have so far had an emphasis on hardware incorporating electronics, software, sensors, etc., but we are open to evaluating all natural products.

Will I have my own office?

No. We have a common office environment and access to meeting rooms, an auditorium, a lunchroom and a coffee shop. It is important to get to know one another, but of course also to have the ability to work in peace.

How many hours a week should I be devoting to Danish Tech Challenge activities?

We have 4 weekly blocks of 1 hour. Very often, the advice given will lead to things that have to be worked on. HOWEVER, it is our ambition that these things are something that, in any case, should have been investigated and analysed. We therefore do not consider it work for the sake of Danish Tech Challenge. There will be reporting, questionnaires, etc., as we expect you will spend time on.

Should you be a team?

Yes. Single-party businesses have a very low probability of success. If you are alone, but have a fantastic idea, maybe you should come along anyway, but then we quickly get started locating more people to jump on-board.

How do you handle confidentiality?

Naturally, we handle all materials with the utmost respect and confidentiality. However, Danish Tech Challenge is an open environment, and we have new people on the premises daily. So, if something is very sensitive, please do not disclose it.

Is Danish Tech Challenge only for Danish startups?

No and yes. We welcome foreigners, and you are welcome to apply in English. We do require a Danish VAT number (CVR). Our mission is to strengthen the Danish Industry, so we need to see the potential for value creation in Denmark.

Can I be a student and participate in Danish Tech Challenge?

Yes. If the business is your focus, you are most welcome. Some of our participants have used Danish Tech Challenge as their internship or project in connection with their studies. We strongly support this.

Can I have a job at the same time?

Yes. As long as the business is your main focus, you are most welcome. Several past participants have had part time consultancy work at the same time in order to make ends meet.

Who sits on the jury?

We have been fortunate enough to attract very experienced and talented people to judge the participants’ projects. Many of the jury panel members are investors, both private foundations and public pools. Others are experienced technicians, product developers and managers.

Is Danish Tech Challenge only for DTU spinouts?

No. However, many DTU spinouts are within Danish Tech Challenge’s target audience, and several past participants originate from the environment at DTU.