About Danish Tech Challenge

Background for Danish Tech Challenge

Danish Tech Challenge was launched in 2014 as a development course targeted at technical entrepreneurs working on bringing new physical products to the market.

The project is developed as a partnership between Scion DTU and Industriens Fond, which also finances the project. On a daily basis,  Danish Tech Challenge is run by Scion DTU.

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Danish Tech Challenge’s ambition is to be the best place in Denmark to start a hardware business.

We are the place where technical inventions, experienced experts and investors come together to create amazing new products in Denmark.

Scion DTU

The science park Scion DTU and Industriens Fond are behind Denmark’s new entrepreneur competition for hardware businesses.

Scion DTU is the country’s largest science park, comprised of more than 230 businesses, with a total of approx. 3500 employees. Our ambition is to be the best network environment in Denmark for high technology entrepreneurs. On an annual basis, the businesses at Scion DTU achieve nearly 100 patents, and over 220 new jobs are created.

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Industriens Fond

Industriens Fond has entered into a partnership with the science park Scion DTU to establish Denmark’s first and only accelerated programme that focuses exclusively on businesses working on the development of new and physical products.

During the course of Danish Tech Challenge, technology heavy entrepreneurs accelerate the development of their business and simultaneously participate in a competition to win the Industriens Fond Entrepreneur Award of DKK 500,000.

Read more about Danish Tech Challenge on Industriens Fond’s homepage.


We are dedicated to developing Danish Tech Challenge, so we ensure maximum benefit for the participating businesses and thereby maximise value for Denmark.

Therefore, we prepare an analysis, which focuses on the participants’ benefit.

Download the entire analysis here (in Danish).