International science park as back-up

ulrik-kjems-retune-dps-212x300“One must not forget the value of turning up with an international renowned science park as back-up. It puts weight behind us out in the world as a small new company”. Says co-founder of Retune DSP, Ulrik Kjems.

As an entrepreneur and newly started company, we are in constant need of focusing on our product and our own business and only deal with the most important issues.

We have just ended two successful years and are in full action. We develop software, which improves the hands-free telephony and voice recognition in among other things such as mobile phones”.

Scion DTU has relieved us of having to concentrate on practical matters such as reception work, canteen, rooms and the search for networking – as all of this is part of the package”.

“We have at the same time, been able to use an accountant, who is used to working with entrepreneurs. We have also received help from others like ourselves, when we have contacted the bigger players out in the world and presented our product and company”.

Name: Retune DSP
Address: Diplomvej 381, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby
Founded: 2012