Our mentor course has been a fantastic trip

JJ X-Ray is an exciting case for Scion DTU, as it is an engineer-owned high technological company, which has been on the market for many years and has had typical SMV challenges in relation to developing the business as well as the organisation. The mentor course has helped Christian Mammen, in the role of director, to deal with these challenges and this is a good example of how qualified sparring through a mentor course can help a well-established company.

“Our mentor course has been a fantastic trip. Before the course, I was unsure on whether growth was possible for us. With the help of the mentors, we have now been able to structure the organisation and we have grown by 60% in a year and a half. I am no longer in doubt that this is the right development for the future. The sparring received, has been an enormous help“.sikre fremtiden. Den sparring jeg har fået har været en enorm hjælp!”

Name: JJ X-Ray
Adress: Diplomvej 377, 2800 Lyngby
Website: www.jjxray.dk
Founded: 1996