Scion DTU is a scientific supermarket

anette-jacobsen-pharma-1“It is a perfect environment, which matches our needs. We have direct access to a solid network that passes by just outside the door. It is valuable and saves time, as we can network informally and spontaneously.” Says Anette Jacobsen, Founder and CEO of Jacobsen Pharma & MedTech Advice. Jacobsen Pharma & MedTech Advice consists of consultants that help pharma and med-tech companies in achieving and maintaining marketing rights and CE-marking within the EU.

“We gain much more by having an office with other highly educated people with a background in natural sciences than any other place. We are surrounded by business-relevant people, potential partners, customers and staff, which is unique. At the same time, we have grown fast, so the ability to increase our office space has also been very important”.

Jacobsen Pharma moved into Scion DTU in June 2014. The company has since grown from 10 employees in Sønderborg to further 15 employees at Scion DTU in Hørsholm.

Name: Jacobsen Pharma & MedTech Advice
Address: Agern Allé 24, 2970 Hørsholm
Founded: 1995