Scion DTU offers an environment where the physical proximity of related companies, partners and investors provides space for small businesses to grow and for large ones to continue to evolve. Together with DTU, we support clusters of high technology companies, primarily within cleantech, biotechnology, medico and IT.


Medical device companies developing medical devices such as analysers, monitors, scanners, but also disposable products like plasters, catheters, needles and software that interacts with natural medical products. Scion DTU has nearly 20 medico companies as tenants and is the lead partner behind the medico cluster Medico Innovation.


Biotech companies are conducting research primarily in drug development and food technology. Historically, Scion DTU has always focused on biotech, and today we have a solid platform for knowledge sharing between more than 40 biotech businesses.



Cleantech covers green and environmentally friendly technologies, such as solar and wind energy, water treatment, energy recovery, electric motors and fuel cells. Currently there are around 15 of the most promising cleantech companies at Scion DTU.


ICT covers software development, smartphone apps, IT security, games and data handling. ICT is increasingly becoming an integral part of all high technology industries as the development of new products is generally based on computer simulations, interactive communication and, of course, underlying software. More than 40 ICT companies live at Scion DTU.


The other high technology group consists of about 30 businesses at Scion DTU, covering a broad spectrum of research areas, including nano- and micro-technologies, sound and acoustics, electro physics, robotics, seismic protection and more.