During Danish Tech Challenge, we will cover all the fundamentals of the participants’ businesses. Our mission is to ensure that the fundamental assumptions are sound.

We will work with technology, business and financing. The result is a business plan where the fundamental building blocks are properly laid.

A new topic every week
Every week we work on a new topic. As a participant, it is therefore necessary to reserve four fixed blocks every week during the DTC period. See the picture below.

Monday: The week’s subject is introduced
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: Each business will have an individual session on the week’s topic based on the company’s specific challenges.
Friday: Internal discussions with the other participants on the theme of the week. Lunch and visit by guest speaker.

In addition to the professional programme, participants in Danish Tech Challenge are offered the following:

  • Ongoing consultancy/assistance by permanent staff
  • Free advice on legal, audit and IP from our external advisers
  • An individually matched team of mentors from Scion Team Mentoring